GE S-5000 HBM

Silenced generating set - Honda petrol engine with recoil starter - Single-phase alternator - Single-phase power 4 kVA (3.6 kW)


  • Stand-by single-phase power: 4.9 kVA (4.4 kW) 
  • PRP single-phase power: 4 kVA (3.6 kW)
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Sockets: 1x 230V 32A 2P+T CEE - 1x 230V 16A 2P+T CEE - 1x 230V 16A 2P+T Schuko
  • Engine shut down for low oil level
  • Circuit breaker
  • Fuel level gauge
  • Ground Fault Interruptor or isometer (optional)

  • Tank capacity: 20 lt
  • Running time (75% of PRP): 12.5 h
  • Measured acoustic power LwA (pressure LpA):  95 dB(A) (70 dB(A) @7m)
  • Dry weight of machine: 76 kg
  • Dimensions (LxHxW): 770 x 650 x 520 mm

  • With AVR (automatic voltage regulation)

More Information


Model Fuel Starter Output Stand By Output PRP Cylinders / Displacement Speed Cooled
HONDA GX 270 petrol manual recoil 5.7 kWm (7.7 hp) 4.6 kWm (6.2 hp) 1 / 270 cm³ 3000 rpm Air
HONDA iGX 270 petrol Electric 5.7 kWm (7.7 hp) 4.6 kWm (6.2 hp) 1 / 270 cm³ 3000 rpm Air

iGX Engine

High performance, low consumption, reduced noise and vibration levels: 
The iGX series engines are characterised by variable timing (digital CDI) and increase of the compression ratio. 

“STR Governor” electronic regulation (Self Tuning Regulator): 
The iGX engines have an electronic regulation that operates directly on the regulator throttle valve and ensures an easier start (together with the “Auto Choke” system) and steady rpm even in case of variable loads. The system is independent and does not need batteries: the STR regulator is supplied by coils located under the flywheel.

Automatic starter (Auto Choke): 
All engines of the iGX series are equipped with an automatic starter device (Auto Choke) for an easier start phase without any manual intervention. 

Large “emergency” manual starter for an easier start: 
All engines of the iGX series are equipped as standard with an “emergency” manual starter to be used in case of low battery and/or malfunction of the electric starting. The large diameter of the starter enables a simple and easier start even compared with the traditional GX engines (40% less strength needed). The starting is also made easier by the new grip.


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