DSP 600 PS

Diesel Engine driven welder - PERKINS 1103A - 33G1 Engine -  Three-phase asyncronous alternator


  • Welding current: 10A ÷ 600A
  • Service: 600A - 35%, 550 A - 60%, 500A - 100%
  • Open circuit voltage (no-load voltage): 60 Vcc

  • Three-phase power: 30 kVA / 400 V / 43.3 A
  • Single-phase power: 15 kVA / 230 V / 65.2 A
  • Single-phase power: 8 kVA / 110 V / 72.7 A
  • Single-phase power: 5 kVA / 48 V / 104 A

  • Tank capacity: 65 l
  • Running time (welder 60%): 13 h
  • Measured acoustic power LwA (pressure LpA): 94 dB(A) (69 dB(A) @ 7 m)
  • Guaranteed acoustic power LwA (pressure LpA): 95 dB(A) (70 dB(A) @ 7 m)
  • Weight: 1000 Kg
  • Dimensions max. on base Lxlxh:  2031x870x1217 mm

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Model Fuel Starter Output Cylinders / Displacement Speed Cooled
Perkins 1103A - 33G1 Diesel Electric 30.4 kW (41.3 HP) 3/ 3300 cm3 1500 rpm Water

DSP Program

sample powersafe TECHNOLOGY

The acronym DSP, which is referred to this line of MOSA welders, stands for "Digital Signal Processor", and identifies the fact that the regulation of the welding parameters is performed by means of a digital technique. More precisely, in the DSP controller reside the programs which perform the regulation of the different welding processes supported.

The implementation of the control is accomplished by a power converter of the "Chopper" type (Chopper System), which operates at high frequency (20 kHz).

The high frequency conversion allows to obtain superior welding performances in comparison with more conventional techniques at low frequency.


Via a rotary selector you can choose between 5 different welding programs.

  1. LIFT ARC TIG – This program performs  a TIG welding with a "Lift Arc" start. With this feature the arc is started simply by touching the piece, without scratch.
  2. STICK (3 PROGRAMS) - They are specific for the electrode welding (CC), being characterized by three different arc force levels with increasing short circuit current from 1 to 3.
  3. MIG MAG – It is dedicated to WIRE welding, WITH GAS or FLUX CORED. This welding process is performed at constant voltage (CV).

The front panel of the DSP control unit is provided with a military type circular connector which can be connected to a MOSA remote control unit or wire feeder, for MIG MAG. When plugging an external connector the control is automatically switched from the front panel knob to the knob on the remote unit. All the machines of this series are equipped with digital meters to monitor the welding current and voltage. The software of the control unit, depending on the version of welder on which it is installed, can handle various functions, including:

a) Power Optimizer - A function that prevents overloading of the engine during welding
b) VRD - (Voltage Reduction Device) a function that reduces the open circuit voltage to a safe value when  not welding
c) Reverse polarity – In the models where this function is present , a switch on the panel commands the contactor which implements the polarity reversal.

The DSP controller also implements some security features:
  • Chopper converter overtemperature
  • Overcurrent during welding (due to failure or malfunction)
  • Current sensor not connected
  • Malfunction of the supply voltage