TF IM 5.5 Y

New compact and easy-to-handle lighting tower with an integrated power generator.

- AVAILABLE BULBS: 4x150 W LED  |  4x240 W LED  |  4x400 W METAL HALIDES 

The new TF IM 5.5 Y is a compact and easy-to-carry lighting tower that can effectively illuminate areas up to 2.500 sq m with a reduced environmental impact. 

TF IM 5.5 Y is fitted with a 5.5 metre telescopic, with manual lifting and four high efficiency 150 and 240 Watt LED lights (or four traditional 400 Watt metal halide lights) and a Yanmar single-cylinder engine.

Thanks to its contained weight and set-up on a manual trailer, it can be easily controlled by a single operator.

Sectors of use: rental, events, roadworks and construction sites.

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Model Fuel Starter Output Stand By Output PRP Cylinders / Displacement Speed Cooled
Yanmar L70 Diesel Electric 4.5 kW 4.1 kW 1 / 320 cm³ 3000 rpm Air

Technical Features

- 5.5 m zinc plated telescopic mast
- Manual winch raise/lower
- Certified wind proof up to 80 km/h
- Trolley with wheels, handles and 2 adjustable stabilisers
- Tank: 23 l
- Acoustic power: LpA 68 dbA@7m

- Dimension with tower closed: 1125 x 1256 x 2236 mm 
- Dimension with tower open: 1853 x 1380 x 5500 mm
- Weight: 335 kg

Available versions

sample powersafe
TF IM 5.5 Y L-4x150 
  • 4 LED LAMPS 150W
  • Illuminated area: 2000 mq - 30 Lux average
  • Total Lumen: 89900
  • Running time: 44 h

TF IM 5.5 Y L-4x240 
  • 4 LED LAMPS 240W
  • Illuminated area: 2500 mq - 42 Lux average
  • Total Lumen: 153480
  • Running time: 44 h

TF IM 5.5 Y J-4x400 
  • Illuminated area: 1800 mq - 19 Lux average
  • Total Lumen: 140000
  • Running time: 32 h


The MOSA integrated lighting towers are a perfect combination of four elements that contribute to the high efficiency of the product:

- the lights employ LED technology, with all the resulting benefits in terms of greater durability as they are designed for at least 20,000 hours of operation, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Moreover, MOSA extends the warranty on LED lights up to 5 years

- the motor is one of the most compact ones available on the market and is very powerful also in terms of fuel consumption; it is also ultra silenced for the benefit of noise pollution. 

- the single-phase, synchronous and brushless alternator does not require specific maintenance and generates low consumption energy. 

- finally, the design features a rounded cowling to promote rainwater outflow and large openings for easy maintenance.

With these technical benefits, the environmental impact of the MOSA lighting towers is really reduced to a minimum.

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