Electric Automatic Starting EAS 15-806 (25A)

The EAS (Electric Automatic Starting) is a panel that effects the automatic startup of a generator in emergency operation.

The EAS permit to control all the functions about a generator:
  • Engine command and protection module for diesel or gasoline generators
  • Measurement system for main electric values
  • Automatic control module for two different supply sources (Automatic Mains Failure)
  • Automatic changeover switch from two different supply sources (Automatic Transfer Switch)

It’s built to monitor single-phase or three-phase with neutral systems in alternate current; it permit to transfer the user’s load on generator when the mains voltage is faulty.

  • Automatic panels with load transfer switch for generators
  • TE806 control unit based on microprocessor
  • Four digit display to high brightness
  • EAS 15 806 - usable with gasoline and diesel generators
  • Complete of control cable - 10 meters
  • Automatic test programmable from front panel
  • Easy installation and connection
  • Meets EC directives